Across Country

January 31, 2007

Me and FriendsSomehow my friends and I all found ourselves living in California. We met and became friends in Georgia and now we are in California.

This is a bunch of Georgians living the California life.


MeNow I know what many of you are thinking, poor kid.

Many of you are probably wondering what kind of addict I’m talking about as well. My title may be in slight exaggeration because I was well out of the house before my mother developed her addiction. Her addiction isn’t to drugs or alcohol, it is actually much worse than that … it’s to blogging.

I have tried every intervention I could think of to get her to stop blogging and pay attention to me and the rest of the family (my poor dad), however, I failed and like the old saying goes ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’…well here I am.

In fact I can’t even take credit to opening this page, she did it … any decorations you may see, not from me … however since I’m so new to the blogging world, I’ve asked for her assistance … and crowded in my inbox are emails upon emails of instructions of how to blog.

I guess a girl will do anything for attention from her mother!