My Fat Cat

February 19, 2007

When I moved out to California I left my cat at with my mother. I thought I could trust her to take good care of my cat. But now look at her ….

Fat Cat

I had her on a diet and she was looking fit. Now my mother has gotten her all fat again!! I made mama send this picture as proof of life.

But isn’t she cute? She likes to lay on her back like that.


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38 Responses to “My Fat Cat”

  1. Britney Spears is Bald – VIDEO and PHOTOS !

    Here is the video of Britney Spears shaving her head completely bald. Photos and picture below too! Britney Spears is freaking me out and totally scary. Make her stop!

    Britney Spears shaves her head BALD!
    Photos of Britney’s amazing bald h…

  2. Open Trackback Monday: Presidents Day

    Today is Presidents’ Day. I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man. ~George Washington

  3. Former NBA player reveals he’s gay….Other former NBA player reveals he’s stupid

    OMG……A stupid Homophobe…….say it aint so.


    When asked, CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer defended the coverage probably saying:
    “It’s important to Americans that we have at least one story in ever…

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  5. I love that fat cat!

    Maggie’s Notebook

    Random Dreamer – I do too! I’ve really missed her since I left her at my mothers. I think she’s got issues since I left her.

  6. King Abddullah: Humaneness and Desert Values

    I thought I was reading the New York Times, but instead it was Arab News. What follows are reports of a Festival held in Saudi Arabia this past week. The words from this Islamic “festival” are reminiscent of American Liberals’ rhetoric of anything a…

  7. Illegal Alien:

    Border agent’s conviction overturned when Uncle Sam’s bribery comes to light!

  8. New Jersey: Civil Unions Begin at Midnight

    Another state is now providing civil unions. This is a direct result of judical activism in October 2006 by New Jersey Supreme Court.

  9. SpeckBlog Says:

    White Feather Republicans

    Victory Caucus has them labelled as “White Flag Republicans”. I would like to call them “White Feather Republicans” after the book and movie “The Four Feathers”.
    The single White feather as a symbol of cowardice &…

  10. The 1/2 Hour News Hour

    “President” Rush Limbaugh

    Tonight at 10pm EST marks the debut of Fox News’ new comedy/satire show The 1/2 Hour News Hour. With most all comedy shows on television being controlled by people with a marked liberal bent, it will be interesting how F…

  11. Climbing Mountains Is A Stupid Thing During The Most Dangerous Times Of The Year

    On today’s news it was reported that more climbers are in trouble on Mount Hood in the state of Washington. This comes only months after several climbers died while awaiting rescue on the mountain. Why climb Mt. Hood? Especially in winter which is…

  12. An Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi And Harry Reid From Charlie Daniels

    I read the open letter Charlie Daniels wrote to Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid concerning their actions (or rather inactions) regarding the Iraq war and the ongoing troop surge. I applaud Mr. Daniels for the letter and ask the very same things he does. …

  13. In Honor Of President’s Day

    In honor of President’s Day, Butch over at 123beta shares a poignant story about President Bush. Enjoy.

    A big ol’ Florida welcome to readers from 123beta, Random Dreamer….

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  16. The Tiny Percentage of Radical Islamists

    I’ve posted before on the fact that out of a billion or so Muslims, only a tiny percentage are terrorists or terror-supporters.
    June 19, 2006: “The problem is that even though only a small percentage of people who declare themselves Musli…

  17. Good News About the Surge

    The official line on Iraq is that the terrorists are worried about the oncoming troop surge. So far, the coalition forces are concentrating on Sunni insurgents; Even so, Shi’ite strong man Muqtada al-Sadr has taken the precaution of going into…

  18. From the TWC Archives

  19. CAIR Exposed

    Hat tip, Jihad Watch Visit Anti-CAIR Trackposted to Bumpshack: Where the News Always Bumps!, Random Dreamer, Perri Nelson’s Website, Mark My Words, 123beta, basil’s blog, DragonLady’s World, The Bullwinkle Blog, Conservative Cat, Conservative Though…

  20. It Really Sticks in Their Craws, Doesn’t It?

    Reporters, that is. Having to report that the spate of recent murders on the Arizona border are suspected to have been perpetrated by illegal aliens against illegal aliens.

  21. I think laying on their backs is just a fat cat thang! Every fat cat we’ve ever had did this.

    Random Dreamer – Really? I thought this crazy cat was the only one! lol

  22. The Hunger for Leadership

    As America celebrates, Washingtons birthday, polls find Americans increasingly unsatisfied with the Presidential candidates promoted by the mainstream press. According to a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll, 49% of Americans and 53% of Republicans aren…

  23. Mike Awesome (1965-2007) – R.I.P.

    Mike AwesomeJanuary 24, 1965 – February 17, 2007)

    I just read the news that professional wrestler Mike Awesome (real name: Mike Alfonso) has died at the age of 42. According to reports, he was found last Saturday (Feb. 17) hanging in his Tampa, Flor…

  24. Adam's Blog Says:

    Truth and Hope Report: Bashing the Presidents

    On today’s edition of the Truth and Hope Report, we ask why politicians see the need to demean former Presidents in order to make themselves better. Also, I read “Washington’s Glasses” in honor of our commemoration of Washington’s birthday:


  25. Are We Safer?

    By Minta Marie Morze (Slightly different version to that originally written September 28, 2004 and sent to friends) President George W. Bush has said that the world is safer now because of his actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some people…

  26. MON FEB 19 Miss Piggy’s First Baby Picture!

    Miss Piggy’s First Photo – 9 weeks
    HUGE BREAKING NEWS:  The birth father has been caught!
    Is …

  27. The real danger our country faces

    Or, how to destroy a good point by extremely over the top rhetoric

  28. bernie Says:

    I linked to you from I went bald too, so leave Britney alone the other post from world and global politics blog ripped off mine.

    Random Dreamer – I fixed it. Thanks for telling me.

  29. Oh no!!!

    I got tagged!

  30. BlowOUT show schedule for this week and next

    John Gonzalez
    BlowOUT-With John Gonzalez & taking your phone calls
    Feb 22, 10:00AM EST
    BlowOut with Constantino Diaz-Duran – Free Kareem Jailed Egytian Blogger

    Feb 28, 11:00AM EST

    Mark your…

  31. One of the worst?

    McCain is apparently polishing up his MSM “maverick” credentials

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  34. Abortion; Its Just a Product of Deception

    Those who justify the murder of unborn children have a number of things they refer to the unborn child as so as to dehumanize the murder. Fetus (which is technically correct), product of conception, and glob of cells are just some of the things words…

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  36. lester Says:

    do you mind if i comment here?

  37. […] My Fat Cat Random Dreamer Posted by root 3 hours ago ( Powered by wordpress and other random throughts at renaissance blogger 07 09 32 i think laying on their backs is just a fat cat thang Discuss  |  Bury |  News | My Fat Cat Random Dreamer […]

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    in accession capital to assert that I get actually enjoyed
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