On My Way to Los Angeles

February 21, 2007

Los AngelesI’m heading off to Los Angeles today for a job interview.


Actually, I don’t know that I want this job, but I’m going for the interview anyway cause you never know.

Right now I’m working two jobs. I still hope to get a job that will actually pay enough to live out here. It’ll be nice to just work one job.

I thought this was an encouraging post at Wind Rose Hotel

Always do what you are afraid to do.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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37 Responses to “On My Way to Los Angeles”

  1. mozey Says:

    Right on, best of luck. Dont forget to:

    1: Wish him/her marry Xmas.
    2: Takeout a birthday wistle and blow it untile your blue in the face, then casually put it back in.

  2. Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst: 022007

    In our first official episode we take a look at the Bank of Mex…er, America credit cards for illegals scandal.

    Highlight yet another video of Minutemen being attacked for expressing their first amendment rights.

    We take a look at three differ…

  3. Midweek OTB & Linkfest For Feb.21 & 22, 2007est

    The Unindicted Co-Conspirator’s Solution To The Iraq War(Abscam) Cox & Forkum This is a midweek OTB & Linkfest for February 21-22, 2007. If you have something  that you would like to share please leave a trackback to your p…

  4. SpeckBlog Says:

    The Crucial Front In The War Is Congress

    One of the comments I hear from the left is, “Right after 9-11 the world was with us. The French said ‘We are all Americans now.’ Now because of Bush they all hate us. He squandered all the good will ‘the world’ had for u…

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  6. Yet another professional sports organization wants a handout

    NASCAR is one of the biggest racing organizations in the world. The amount of money flowing through NASCAR makes the NHRA look like toy cars. Why they need a public handout to build a stadium baffles me. Except of course everyone want’s a piece of the…

  7. Basically the worst parts of the Bible


    SHOOT………and right about the time I could tap my 401k without penality!

    Asteroid Heading This Way?
    The asteroid is Apophis, a large asteroid that will pass within 10,000 miles of Earth ar…

  8. Me, On Blog Talk Radio, Live and Uncensored

    …While this was happening their 3 year old daughter came under the table where I was still sitting and we began to chat. I cannot recall what we possibly could have been discussing at that age, but in a moment she pulled over a small potty-pan …

  9. For God’s Sake Let Anna Nicole Smith RIP

    Is there no shame? They are still fighting over who should get the body even while the Broward County, Fla., medical examiner said her body was decaying faster than expected. Her casket pictured here is already prepared and she should immediately be b…

  10. This does not happen very often for me. After visiting all the trackback spots on the OTA today, I eventually ended up here and was pleasantly surprised. Shall I say the blog’s ocntent was refreshing. I spend so much time at issue-driven sites and my work is intense enough to really drain me by the end of the day. As I took a cruise as mentioned at the top, it was nice to enjoy a libation, read the blogs and end up here. Thanks.

  11. 123beta Says:

    Gettin’ Wiggy Wit It

    I know, I know…everybody’s gettin’ sick of hearing about Ms. Spears…

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  13. Yet Another Jennifer Aniston Topless Lawsuit

    This is yet another lawsuit brought about by the baring of Jennifer’s boobies. This current case is based on stolen images from a film production. The earlier incident was centered on photos taken by paparazzi that were published. That incident resul…

  14. Senator Clinton Announces Plan to Run as a Reagan Conservative

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced today that she intends to run as a Reagan Conservative. While most Republican candidates are positioning themselves as Ronald Reagan’s heir, Senator Clinton would be the first Democrat. “The…

  15. Quality Handmade Guitar Made From $15 Endtable

    It sounds like a scam. I mean, really…making a quality, handmade guitar from an Ikea endtable??? However I’ve been familiar with Zachary Guitars and his website for several years and I know for a fact that his guitars are some of the best in the…

  16. Civil War Part 2

    I’m not sure how to take this video however it’s worth it just for the cheesy “Thriller” spoof portion. However you take it, don’t take it seriously.

    Welcome to readers from The Trouble With Angels, The Bullwinkle Blog, The Blue Star Chronicles…

  17. New Barenaked Ladies Video

    One of my favorite bands of all time, Barenaked Ladies have a new video out for their song “Sound Of Your Voice.” The video stars many fairly well-known YouTube “celebrities” but the band themselves aren’t in it (except for one brief Terry Gilliam…

  18. Pieces of Anna Nicole Smith

    No one wants the ride that was Anna Nicole Smith to end.

  19. Gee, I guess I have another career…

    And I didn’t even know it.

  20. Georgia Democrat Jim Marshall Opposes Anti-Surge R

    ..This anti-surge resolution is akin to sitting in the stands and booing in the middle of our own teams play because we dont like the coachs call.

  21. Adam's Blog Says:

    Truth and Hope Report: Wednesday Night Talk

    Adam debates the war, talks about the size of government and what can be done about government waste.

    Click here to download.

  22. WED FEB 21 Mud Wrestling for the Oval Office: Hillary v. Obama


    Staff Sgt. Kara Opperman 332nd Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron Staff Sgt. Kara Opperman performs a quality control …

  23. United Nations: Readies Rare Rebuke for Tehran

    The deadline has come and gone. Iran has not complied with resolution 1737 adopted by the UN Security Council on 23 december 2006.

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  28. 23

    Tomorrow the movie The Number 23 opens. In honor of that here are 13 things 23:

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  31. THURS FEB 22 The Greatest American of Them All

    Quotes from The Greatest American of Them All:
    The bosom of America is open to receive not only the …

  32. Pelosi cries like a little girl

    Heaven forbid one would call a spade a spade

  33. American senior citizens kick some ass

    Nothing like thinking you have an easy mark, with a tour bus of senior citizen tourists

  34. Cao's Blog Says:

    Stop Al Gore and Reject the UN’s Global Warming Treaty

    Al Gore is re-energizing the movement advocating Kyoto compliance — the biggest UN power-grab in history.
    I urge you to sign this petition now, please. We already have over 30,000 electronic signatures. We want to deliver 100,000 signatures to th…

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