Today, I’m going to go with hating Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart just isn’t as fun as it use to be when I lived back in Georgia. Wal-Mart had a totally different meaning. You could go to Wal-Mart 24 hours a day, buy groceries, it was the perfect 1 stop shop.

Then I move to California…24 hr Wal-Mart? What is that? And if you ask a lot of Southern Californians, they don’t even know what a Super Wal-Mart is.

I’ve ventured off track a little but getting back to what I was saying. Wal-Mart is still the place to go if you want to buy some things cheaper, say toilet paper or the Slim Fast Shakes I like to drink in the morning before I indulge myself in tons of Soda and Chocolate. (Slim Fast is merely convenience).

Today, I hate Wal-Mart. I go to the one near my apartment and it is crowded. But Wal-Mart has it’s own general population. Like in probably every other area of the world, it is full of the lower income, extreme breeders. Ask me where I’m going with this, and I won’t say for sure so no one can accuse me of saying anything prejudice, but there were tons of kids, with single moms. You know, you see the 2 year old, the mom pushes the stroller and a 9month about to pop belly.

It sucks having to fight your way out of that….today, I hate it.

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